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hot dogs                               $2

Hot Dog Combo                         $4.00

Chili Dogs                                3.21

combos                                                     4.50

Proud Dogs

Bacon, Cheese and Onions                                 $3.50

combo $5.00

Hog heaven dog

Pull pork , bacon,   coleslaw                                $5.00

Spice Dog         $3.25

Melted Cheddar Cheese, dice tomatoes and green chiles

Combo  $.500

Zesty Velly Dog,                       

Cole slaw, jalapeno peppers

onions and pickles.       $4.00


Hawiian Dog                                        $4.00

pineapples, relish, bacon, jalapeno peppers, peprika, spicy mustard

Combo                                                            $5.25

Jumbo Hawiian Dog                        $4.75

Combo                                               $5.75

Chicago Dog, tomatoes, pickles, onions, banana peppers, celery salt and yellow mustard                                      $3.15

Combo                                        $4.75

Carolina Dog, chopped onions, cole slaw and chili.                                           $4.00

Jumbo Dog


Sugabears Hamburgers 

Chili Cheese burger. 

1/4 pound burger with cheese and chili.  $5.00

The Sugabear Bigg Mack, 

To all beef patties on a regurlar bun, pickles, lettus, onions and special sauce. 


The Biker Boy Burger: 

Tripple Cheese burger. Three all beff patties with the works. $8.25

Delux Burger. 

Burger with the works  $5.00

Double Cheese Burger, 

Two all beef patties with the works. 


Cheese Burger  $4.00



Buffalo Soldier Burger. 

Burger stuff with jalapenos, cheese and bacon


Bacon Cheese Burger


Philly Cneese Steak,

 $8.50 6in

$12.50 12in

Steak Wrap                                                   $6.00

Combo                                                                $6.25

Boiled Peanut



Georgia Boy Sausage


Combo $5.00

B.L.T                                                             $4.00

Combo                                                       $5.50

Chicken Wings 5 piece     $6.00

Chicken Wings 10 Piece   $11

5 piece wing combo $7.50

10 piece wing combo $12.75

Sauces are Golden wing, BBq, honey BBq, Sweet and spicy BBq , Buffalo Wing sauce


All combos include  sides of, chips, potato  salad  coleslaw,  fries, Mozzarella sticks, onion rings & nachos .  (drinks are seperate)

Italian Ice

Flavors will vary . 

8oz $3.25

12oz $4.25

Breakfast Menu

Sausage,  Scrambled or sunny side up, two strips of bacon, and red onions on a bun.  (Avaiable All day)

Sausage $6

Bacon & Eggs   $4

Bacon, eggs, cheese Bagal   $6

Cream cheese Bagal   $3

steak, egg, cheese Bagal    $7

Sausage, egg, Cheese Bagal    $6.50