hot dogs                               $2

Hot Dog Combo                         $3.50

Chili Dogs

cheese dog





Proud Dogs

Bacon, Cheese and Onions 

Bacon wrapped fried hotdog


Spice Dog

Melted Cheddar Cheese, dice tomatoes and green chiles$3


Zesty Velly Dog,                       

Cole slaw, jalapeno peppers

onions and pickles. 


Combo $5.00







Regular Slaw Dog                             $3.00

Large Slaw Dog                                 $3.75

Combos                                              $4.50


Hawiian Dog                                        $4.00

pineapples, relish, bacon, jalapeno peppers, peprika, spicy mustard

Combo                                                            $5.75

Jumbo Hawiian Dog                        $4.75

Combo                                               $6.00

Chicago Dog, tomatoes, pickles, onions, banana peppers, celery salt and yellow mustard                                      $4.00

Combo                                        $5.25

Jumbo Dog

1/4 Hot Dog


Combo $4.50

Footlong Hotdog                                $4.50

Combo                                                  $5.50

Sugabears Hamburgers 

Hamburger $3.00

Cheese burger $3.50

Delux $4.50

Double $5.50

The Big Bear Delux: Three all beef patties with the works. $7.00

add bacon to any burger

Papa bear buger

Lettuce , tomatoes, onions, bacon, cheese, peppers & onions, mango salsa, mayo, yum, yum sauce

Mama bear burger, same ingredients as the papa bear with cheese and bacon mixed in with ground beef. 

Tennessee Whisky BBQ sauce pulled pork.    $4.00

Combos $5.50

Pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with cole slaw and pickle.                                $4.00

Steak and Cheese Sandwich,

 includes peppers and onions and melted mozzarella cheese


Sugabears Big Steak Cheese Sandwich, 


Combos are  $8.50 and  $13.50 include two sides a cookie and a drink. 

Steak Wrap                                                   $5.00

Combo                                                                $6.25

Boiled Peanut



Georgia Boy Sausage


Combo $5.00

B.L.T                                                             $4.00

Combo                                                       $5.50

Foot long sausages                     $4.00

combo                                                           $5.25

Nachos and cheese                          $3.00

Nachos,cheese and chili                 $4.00

Fully loaded                                       $5.00


All combos include two sides, chips, baked beans, potato salad, fries or coleslaw, cookie and soda


Doritos, lays, sour cream & onion, Cheetos, lays classic, corn chips, Wise original, Cheez Doodles, Honey BBQ, Ridges, Popcorn White Cheddar


Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, Mug Root Beer and Bottled Water, diet coke, Ice Tea, Orange Julious

Taxes are not included in these prices.